Why You Need a Pro to Replace or Repair Your Garbage Disposal

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why you need to hire a professional garbage disposal repair service

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When an issue arises with home appliances, systems, or units, many homeowners feel inclined to tackle it themselves. While that industrious and hands-on attitude is admirable, some home repair projects require industry expertise and should be left to professionals. Plumbing is one of those services that need special attention and the steady hand of a tradesman. Specifically, learning how to fix a garbage disposal clog on your own can be an extremely daunting task. 


Garbage disposals can be notoriously tricky, yet they’re a basic kitchen function found in practically every home in America. It is challenging for the average homeowner to figure out the issue that is causing the clog, and even more difficult to execute the repair. The next time your sink is giving you problems, it might be time to hire a true professional to handle your garbage disposal repair. Below are a few reasons why hiring a certified plumber is the best option for your garbage disposal problems and solutions

Finding the problem: 

It’s not always obvious what exactly is causing a clog. There could be an issue caused by grease running down the drain, or maybe your disposal system is not fit to handle large or hard foods. A professional can evaluate your set-up to identify patterns that are causing your disposal harm. Maybe the problem isn’t a specific clog. Professional plumbers may find that there are other complications within your system, including blades that need to be sharpened or leaking spots that need to be tightened or repaired. An expert will let you know if your garbage disposal is salvageable, or if it needs to be completely replaced. 

Fixing the problem: 

Now that the issue has been identified, a professional can rectify your garbage disposal problems and provide solutions. Working on a garbage disposal is a dangerous endeavor for someone with no training. There are sharp blades, and also the potential of growing bacteria caused by certain foods. Professionals use advanced tools and their experienced techniques to safely restore your disposal. Avoid the hazards of figuring out how to fix a garbage disposal clog on your own and leave it to the experts. 

Installing a durable garbage disposal: 

In some cases, your garbage disposal system might be a lost cause. For that, a professional can recommend the perfect new disposal unit for your home. When it’s time to install, plumbing experts are quick, efficient, and work proactively to get your garbage disposal up-and-running in no time. Your modern disposal is designed for functionality and made to last longer. A professional also has deep knowledge of your newly-installed product and can provide you preventive tips to avoid future issues and more maintenance costs. 


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