How often do you think about the inner workings of your home? When was the last time you cleaned your drains? Does water drain extremely slow or seem clogged in your home? What type of product do you use while cleaning your drains? In reality, you often do not lose sleep over how your home’s plumbing system is working, but it is important to know the warning signs of a clogged drain. When it does come time to clean your drains, you must know the right and the wrong products to use; some chemicals and cleaning materials can cause more harm than good when poured down the drain. If you are in the Horsham area and do not have the time or tools to properly clean out your drains, you may find yourself searching for drain cleaning services. At Fosh Plumbing, we are your local plumbers to help with any type of drain service you may need! 

Signs You Need a Drain Cleaning

Signs that you need to clean your drain can be subtle and easily ignored. Usually, the first sign of a dirty drain is a slow drain. Hair, soap, grease, and other unknown substances can cause your drain to clog up and perform slow. Do not ignore this or assume it will fix itself. You must take action before your slow drain causes major problems and damages to your home. 

Next time you are in the shower or brushing your teeth, take a whiff of the water. Is there a strange, unpleasant odor coming from your plumbing system? This is caused by sewer gas and waste sitting in your drains, meaning your drains must be cleaned out immediately. Also, frequent clogs with shower drains or toilets are not normal. If this is a minor, recurring issue for you, it may potentially be causing a major clog within your home. Are you hearing strange noises coming from your toilet or your drain? No, you are not going crazy! This means there is a problem with the air in your drain. Lastly, if multiple clogs are occurring within your home, you have a major problem, such as a main sewer clog, and you must contact your plumber immediately. Being aware of these signs will keep your home clean and save you money and time in the long run! 

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

You may be wondering “What are the benefits of drain cleaning?”. Cleaning your drain will ensure that your plumbing is working efficiently and it will help prevent future damages within your home. Not only do clogged drains cause an unpleasant smell within your home, but they also create a backup that could cause flooding. Regular cleaning of your sink, shower, toilet, and main sewer drain can prevent these backups, making your home more sanitary, smelling better, and avoiding future plumbing issues. 

Why Choose Fosh Plumbing & Heating

Since 1993, Fosh Plumbing & Heating Inc. has been serving our Horsham clients with all their plumbing needs. Whether you need a drain cleaning or repair, we are here to help! We understand how essential a reliable plumbing service is to you and your home, that is why we are quick, dependable, and affordable. Contact us today for a high-quality plumbing performance!