Why Your Toilet Won't Flush Properly

The toilet is the most important seat in your home and when it isn’t working properly, you could be facing a plumbing emergency. From not flushing completely to flushing multiple times to get the job done, these issues can create some serious problems in your home. Luckily, a toilet that won’t flush completely is normally an easy fix. Whatever your toilet emergency may be, the experts at Fosh Plumbing are here to share four common reasons your toilet won’t flush and what you can do to troubleshoot the situation.


It’s Clogged

If you’re scratching your head and asking yourself, “Why won’t my toilet flush?” one of the most obvious culprits is a clog somewhere in the plumbing system. Whether it’s too much toilet paper or a foreign object, a clog can prevent water from fully flushing down the toilet. Depending on where the clog is and how severe it is, you can likely remove it on your own. A plunger can quickly fix a less severe clog, however, if it still isn’t flushing completely or you experience frequent clogs, it might be time to call in an expert. You can also try switching to recycled toilet paper, which completely dissolves.


Tank Water Is Too Low

Another common occurrence that will cause your toilet to not flush completely is the water level in the tank is set too low. When you flush your toilet, it needs a lot of water to be delivered to the bowl quickly. If the water level is too low, it can result in a weak or incomplete flush. Typically, there’s a manufacturer’s mark on the inside of your toilet tank to indicate how full it should be. The mark is usually about an inch below the top of the overflow tube. Ensure the water reaches this mark so your toilet always flushes successfully.


Problems with the Flapper

The flapper is located inside your toilet tank and is made of rubber. When you flush, the flapper opens to allow the water in the tank to flow into the bowl and flush any waste down through the drain. Over time, your flapper can become bent, warped, or damaged. When this happens, your toilet won’t flush properly because the flapper can’t close the water intake hole that allows the tank to refill. Replacing your toilet flapper is easy and often doesn’t require a professional to visit your home.


Damaged Overflow Tube

If you’ve checked all the previously mentioned problems and you’re still wondering why your toilet won’t flush, it’s time to check the overflow tube. This tube is a part of your toilet that prevents the tank from overflowing. If it is cracked or damaged, water will get into it and prevent the tank from filling. Without a full tank, your toilet won’t flush. Try replacing the overflow tube to fix the problem.


If you’ve tried everything on this list and your toilet still isn’t flushing properly, it’s time to call in the experts at Fosh Plumbing. We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services to ensure your toilets are always in working order. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.