What is a sump pump? A sump pump is in the sump pits in your home’s basement, located at the lowest part. When water travels through the pipes and into your basement, the sump pump pushes water away from the foundation of your home and into the water waste system. This is what prevents your basement from flooding. Although your sump pump can easily be forgotten about, they need to be either replaced or repaired every five to ten years. Replacing your sump pump can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, whereas repairing it costs around four to five hundred dollars. By being aware of your sump pump and its repair needs, you will ultimately prevent your basement from becoming a swimming pool! 

Signs You Need Your Sump Pump Repaired

You do not have to wait for your basement to be filled with water to realize your sump pump needs repair. Your sump pump will give you warning signs before it is too late! The first sign is strange noises which can indicate worn or damaged parts. This includes if your pump violently vibrates while in use. Also, if your sump pump has infrequent pump usage, is constantly running, has irregular cycles, or runs for long periods, it is best to test it and contact a plumber to see what is causing these problems. Over time, your sump pump may develop rust. Although iron bacteria is not a concern for your health, it is a concern for the water flow in your drainage system and can cause clogged plumbing. If your pump is seven years or older, the motor occasionally gets stuck or fails, or you experience frequent power outages, you should contact your local Willow Grove plumbing company to have your sump pump checked out. Sump pumps are not made to last forever. Therefore, even with the proper maintenance and care, it is important to check on your pump and get it repaired before it is too late! 

Sump Pump Damage 

Just like any other electrical equipment in your home, your sump pump should have annual services to make sure it is working to its full potential. The leading cause of sump pump damage is due to storms and heavy rain. After any excessive rain, it is important to check on your pump and test it to make sure it is still working properly. Do you not know how to test your sump pump or check for damages? No worries! Our trained professionals at Fosh are here for any sump pump repairs you may need. We will even guide you through testing your pump via the phone before coming over to fix any repairs. Testing your pump is as simple as checking the electrical cords and making sure you can hear the pump running, pouring a large amount of water into the mechanism to make sure your pump switches right on and cleaning out the outdoor pipe of dirt and debris. At Fosh Plumbing, we do not want you to worry about your sump pump! 

Why Choose Fosh Plumbing & Heating Inc.

After a heavy rainstorm, you may find yourself noticing your sump pump needs repair. When searching for a sump pump repair, consider contacting Fosh. When you choose us as your local Willow Grove plumber, we guarantee you will have a reliable sump pump that will keep the inside of your home dry even during the heaviest rains! Since 1993, we have been providing sump pump repairs to our community. No job is too small or large for us!