There are few systems more integral to your Conshohocken home than a productive, durable water heater. Whether you’re cooking dinner for your family in your kitchen or running the shower before work in the morning, the majority of us could not live without these essential systems! With that said, it’s incredibly important that these systems are maintained and regularly checked by professionals to ensure there are no malfunctions that could lead to dramatic costs or even safety hazards. 


Here at Fosh Plumbing & Heating Inc., Conshohocken’s premier plumbing service, we hear the same question very often from our amazing customers, “when should I replace my water heater?” It’s a very fair question, as we’ve already discussed the importance these systems have in our everyday lives. The answer, however, is not always simple. Below, our experts are detailing some telltale signs your water heater might need a replacement. 


Replace Old System:

When was the last time you got a new water heater or checked on your water heater all? For the average model, you’ll get on average about 10 years of life for your system, and in some cases, it may be even less. If your water heater came with your house or you haven’t replaced it or done maintenance on it in years, it may be time to consider a new installation. Additionally, some systems are so old that they’re simply beyond the point of return. In this case, the upfront investment to purchase a new heater will pay off majorly in the long run. Don’t know how old your water heater is? For the most part, you can check the serial number that’s usually placed on top of the unit. 


Rusty Water: 

This sign is a pretty obvious one. If whenever you pour water from the sink or start to run the shower you see rusty, brown water, it’s definitely time to consider replacing your water heater. Eventually, the combination of water and metal will inevitably turn to corrosion, meaning your water will contain unhealthy amounts of rust. Depending on the age of your unit, it might be smart to schedule a new installation to avoid this problem entirely and get a fresh start. 


Leaks and Puddles:

Old water heater tanks have a tendency to leak, or at the very worst, burst entirely. If you’re noticing small puddles of water sitting near or around your water heater, it most likely signifies that there’s a malfunction within the water tank caused by expansion within the tank. Tank bursts can be extremely dangerous and costly. 


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So now that you know the answer to “when should I replace my water heater?”, the next question to answer is “where can I find an expert water heater installation near me?” Fosh Plumbing and Heating Inc services Conshohocken and the Pennsylvania area with expert water heater maintenance, installation, and repair. With our help, you’ll save money, time, and prevent future plumbing issues from ever arising!