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What Will Clog Your Drains?

Clogged drains are extremely common and are caused by a number of things. Even if you are extremely careful, backups are still bound to happen. Here are some common causes of clogged drains that you can be extra mindful of to keep your pipes clear and working properly.


When you think of plumbing services, fixing a toilet is probably the first thing that comes to mind. There are many things that can clog the pipes of your toilet. An easy rule to remember is nothing but toilet paper should ever be flushed down the toilet. This includes other paper products like tissues and paper towels, wipes, cotton swabs, towelettes, dental floss, diapers, toys or objects, and any feminine products like tampons or pads. Even too much toilet paper can cause your pipes to clog. Most common toilet clogs can be cleared yourself using a plunger, but if that does not do the trick, call a professional who can help clear the blockage for you. 

Kitchen Sink

The most common cause for clogged kitchen drains is grease, fat, or oil being dumped down the drain. Now, most people should know better than that. But some people still do it, or believe running hot water while they pour grease down the drain will help (it does not). Food waste is another common cause. If you do not have a garbage disposal, no food products should go down your drain. Even if you do have a disposal system, bigger pieces of food can still get stuck in the pipes. Food items such as tea leaves, fruit peels, and coffee grounds are especially bad because they do not break down. Even soap can cause blockages in your kitchen sink. While safe to go down your drain normally, over time it can build up along the sides of your pipes and lead to blockages. When soap mixes with grease, food, and hair inside your pipes it can form a big sticky ball that blockers your pipes/ 

Shower or Bathtub Drain

Hair is one of the worst things that will clog your pipes. When human hair or pet hair gets caught in your shower or bathroom drain it will become more and more tangled and be incredibly difficult to clear. It is particularly bad when the hair combines with soap, dirt, or grease which can be nearly impossible to clear out on your own. 

Hiring a Plumbing Service in Springfield, PA

Whether you have a blockage in your toilet, sink, shower, bathtub, or any other drains or pipes, contact Fosh Plumbing & Heating, Inc, for any unclog drain needs or services. We keep all pipes cleaned and maintained with top-notch technicians and the best customer service. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


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